Thursday, January 21, 2010

Writer Takes the Plunge--You Can, Too!

Welcome Today's Guest Blogger, Roger Zotti of Putnam, CT.

On a portable Royal typewriter, in another life, time, and place, I began writing mostly non-fiction. Then three years ago I began lying big time that is, writing fiction because I realized how much fun it is creating several alter egos and having them do anything they want.

My first book, "Tracking Shots," is self-published and a mix of fiction and non-fiction. The second book, also self-published, is all fiction, and titled "Sparring with Mickey Rourke" and other Imaginings. Am I satisfied with them? No, not really. There is room for much improvement and "Glimpses of Archie," book three, is an improvement. A novella about the life of the great Archie Moore, itll be published in about three months. I think boxing historian Burt Sugar said that if Archie Moore didnt exist, he'd have to be invented. Of course, Archie did exist so I invented stories about him, and I think he'd like what Ive written.

I think of myself as a student of writing. Thinking that way keeps my feet on the ground.

Pictured here is Roger's book "Sparing With Mickey Rourke. Care to Share With Us How You Began Your Writing Life?

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