Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Writing Partner

Writing is a solitary endeavor. It's just you and the blank page waiting to be filled with something enticing to draw in readers and keep them there. But I do have a writing partner and he's pictured here. Tarzan is a 6 year old cat that likes to hang out in my inbox after a busy day of making his rounds of our horse farm. He earned his name because as a kitten he'd race up 40' trees and leap from branch to branch, much like squirrels (or Tarzan).

So, with my partner on my desk, I work at my self-imposed word commitment for the day. I am fortunate that the settings for my mystery series are horse farms. When I need to do some research, I can justify getting out for a ride on my horse.

What do you do to get away from it all?


  1. Hi Patti-
    Dennis did a GREAT job on your Blog!!! I be reading all your post and comments.
    Mike & Debbie

    Ps Thanks for putting a link for your blog to ours.

  2. Hi Patti-
    I want to say hi and thank you for linking my Blog to your “Patti’s Blog List,” It’s great to network with other bloggers and cross link our blogs. I’m so new at this as Dennis is still showing me the steps. He as been great and spending a lot of time helping me understand blog marketing to revolutionary way to increase and build our books and get exceptional results.
    So far it’s working GREAT!!! How has it been for you?


    Ps I saw your books at the Big-E...

  3. PS - I see you have almost 400 hits on your Blog. That’s the power of how blogs are amazing tools for having people find us authors on Google, MSN, & Yahoo.

    I forgot to tell you that I’m linking your blog to mine. Us CAPA authors must work together.