Saturday, December 12, 2009

Editorial Reviews & Book Description for Fame & Deceit A Tangle of Sex, Murder and Blue-blooded Horses

Editorial Reviews
Product Description for Fame & Deceit

It's all about the power of a dream. Driven by his Olympian goal of achieving world class recognition, Ike Cherny blocks out the world. Except for an occasional pretty woman or two, he tries to turn a blind eye to the evil swirling around him. Ike is a full-fledged horse-profiler whose innate talent to "read a horse" has never been proven. In spite of the lack of a track record, in spite of the absence of a mentor to turn to for advice, Ike believes in his ability to pluck a wild filly from the back woods of Maine and bring Aristooke Annie along so she has the polish to become the next World Champion. Someone is secretly dumping toxic waste. Has Ike's boss, Agosto Benalli cooked up a scheme to profit by burying toxic waste at Crowne Stable with Ike's girl friend, Eugenia Jordan, (CT's Commissioner of the Dept. of Environmental Protection) as Benalli's cohort? Someone is secretly killing Connecticut clergymen. Who is terrorizing Connecticut's clergymen? Is Eugenia is carrying out a sick vendetta because she believes her sister was raped and murdered at the hands of their minister? Or what about Harriet Stilton with an embedded hatred of clergymen for what one did to her son? Ike's Stable of Conniving Women Ike moves from the arms of cuddly Lisa Danzig after she is caught poisoning Ike's horses, to sexually abused Eugenia Jordan, but backs away from the relationship when she confesses to bribery. Ike discovers Eugenia's body, two month's pregnant floating in the river. Did Ike's boss order her death because of the hazardous waste scheme? Or was Eugenia overly distraught because he dumped her and decided to take her own life? Ike's attraction to Veronica Rouseau ends when he discovers she brokered the sale of Aristooke Annie. Set in New England's horse world, Fame & Deceit is is a tangle of sex, murder and blue blooded horses.

"You don’t need a degree to figure out Fame & Deceit could and will be on Oprah’s book of the month club.”
--Dennis Schleicher
Best Selling Author and Support Group Counselor

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